Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Illustration Friday - Free

Free to bounce. Free from having to crawl. Enjoy it while you can. Next stage running all over the place, climbing up death defying bookcases, getting into places where you shouldn't be.


Tony Sarrecchia said...

What a fun illo. Great job.

Queen Tut said...

Yikes! love this concept!

andrea said...

Very clever and I love the way you've used colour.

creative kismet said...

Good idea. Looks like the bouncing baby is having a blast! Great illo!

Linda said...

wheee, love the illo.

Holly said...

ahh-yes! The "I have to tear everything to bits stage". This is cute sweet. Cheers!

iKat said...

i'm new on illo friday, too.
yours are too cute!
hey, can i ask you a few questions?
if you don't mind
re. what program you are using
to make those neat drawings?
are you using a tablet?
how do you make the lines so smooth?
from free hand?

thanks a lot, duncan.
all the best to you and the family!

Duncan said...

Hi Ikat
Thanks for the comment. I use Illustrator 9 on a PC, No I don't have a tablet, all drawings are started on paper, then scanned, and traced over in illustrator. The smooth lines are done with the anchor tool and lots of twiddling about with the curve tool. I have on occasion used the auto trace tool when I've used an inked drawing but it's quite hit and miss.

Thanks again and to all the other nice comments from every one else.

Michael said...

While I don't own one of these little wind up monsters (heh), I've got plenty of friends that do. Oh, the places they will climb. Get ready!

Nice piece, by the way!

Christine Lim Simpson said...

Lovely illustration. Fun style. My girls just bounce on the sofas and bed!

a said...

oh my! that's the stage my son is in right now. We do enjoy watching him on his jumper. Great illustration!

Jaimie said...

adorable! what a happy baby. you captured it very well.

Courtney said...

haha, this rings so true, fantastic job, love the take on free. :)

breezetown said...

simplicity at it's best