Tuesday, October 23, 2007

IF - Grow

Added a bit of watercolours to it last night, I can never get a good scan of watercolour.

Have you noticed the older you get, that hair starts to grow in places you don't want it to, and stops in place that you'd like it to.

Very quick sketch, looks slightly like my dad, who likes to wear a cravat, he thinks he's David Niven.


The Fool on the Hill said...

Nice image of your dad ..... but think on - young man - that will you in 30 time !!!! .....Brillo Illo though all the same - and most amusing!

Morgan said...

the details you included were interesting, like the painting in the background

Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

I hate when that happens. Like the hair from my ears. I say either trim it or braid it! Take your pick.

Paul Bommer said...

that's a great image
really well done
ah, and so true
these days the barber spends longer trimming my yoda ears than shaving my head

*ron royer said...

Ha... this is great! nice work

mcverhoog said...

Hahaha, great illo!
Hair becomes indeed a different issue when you grow older. My son bought me this year an eartrimmer for fathersday...