Friday, July 30, 2010

IF - Artificial

That bionic leg is going to be of no use on a waxed surfboard, not to mention the rust from seawater - poor dog.

Last post for a fortnight - off on my hols to St Ives, Cornwall tomorrow, hope the weather picks up - it's rained here everyday since there was a hosepipe ban.

Changed this image from two to one bionic leg to follow on from from the post beneath, though I don't wish this on Leigh.


Connie said...

I want this guy to survive so I've decided the artificial legs are plastic and he and you are going to have a great time together surfing in Cornwall!

Junko Miyakoshi said...

Great character and composition!
Makes me want to hit the beach :)


Ana said...

it's winter here so I really appreciate the summer atmosphere on this one. Cool work.

Jack Foster said...

Very cool Duncan! Great character and composition! Surf's up!