Wednesday, March 21, 2012

IF - Shades

And what movie could he be watching in his 3d specs?  Any thoughts?, and Babe is a given.


Cindy D. said...

Despicable Me! Because it is great. That is one kingly size bag of popcorn, and I would like one just like it, please. I like the cup holder in the rock!

MathewRhys said...

haha awesome :)

john said...

Pig in the city...
My brother the Pig..
No Trouble with Cleopatra..
Hang on a there a prize involved here? Lol

theartofpuro said...


Ana said...

Great! :D
He's watching the simpsons, one of his friends is in the movie.

Duncan said...

No John there's no prize, just a bit of fun - strewth I sound like one of those Radio 1 DJs from the 70s.
I was thinking more on the lines of Hamibal (as in Lecter)
Gone with the Rind
The Fabulous Bacon Brothers