Thursday, February 04, 2010

IF - Fluid

dancin dog2

Bone juggling in one fluid motion!!!!. Used before for IF but I've got my eco recycling hat on today!!


Fool on the hill said...

Dear Walt,
Have you ever thought of making other animals move say ...ooh - I don't know ....maybe ----- A MOUSE !!!!

Yikeees !

Rainer E. Rühl said...

Very cool! I love your characters. Thanks for your comment on my IF-illu.

Your blog-header made me laugh – we've been to Kent/UK some years ago and went to a indoor swimming pool and it was really that way – signs all over and 3 bath-attendants for about 5 children.

England seems to be very restrictive with prohibition-signs all over, but nobody cares – and that is what made me love England and the english people.

Owl Eng said...

very nice thought on 'focused'!! with this focus and perseverance, he can be a popular bone juggling performer very soon ;D

DSM said...

Nice change from the usual "stillness."

Patti said...

Love it. Missed it the first time. Glad you reposted.