Friday, February 26, 2010

Winter Olympic Dog - Ice Hockey

The Ice Hockey Chump - I always liked the film Slap Shot as youngster, as well as Rollerball (the orginal with James Caan) - I even had the theme tune at our wedding - it's a wonder my wife didn't take me out with a studded glove, I bet she's felt like it since. I hasten to add the theme tune was Bach's Toccata in D Minor - my dad bought the record for me after I'd seen the film, I must have been about 14 at the time - always one to further my musical education my dad, still is.

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josh pincus is crying said...

I saw this posted on Monday Artday. I think it is terrific!

I take exception to other artists telling you what you should have done in your illustration. If they have different ideas, they should do them in their own drawings. Their suggestions are not constructive and I find them very offensive.

Your work is wonderful and shows great whimsy and character. I like your choice of colors and your technique. Keep on doing it the way you do it, unless you want to change it!